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Performers Under Stress presents the West Coast Premiere of BLACK RIVER FALLS by Bryn Magnus, a “mystery” drama that follows a family in a small town in Wisconsin through Thanksgiving weekend of 1978 in the wake of the Jonestown Massacre.

Of BLACK RIVER FALLS, The Chicago Tribune said, “Defiantly naturalistic.... Magnus’ play succeeds at capturing the broken dialogue and false bravado of teenagers while also hinting at their vulnerability and desire for answers to the big questions. It’s the kind of potent mixture that can drive hundreds of young people to follow a megalomaniac into the jungle—or that can drive one broken-hearted girl to exact a startling revenge.”

Directed by Scott Ragle
Technical Direction/Lighting Design by 
Colin Johnson
Costumes by
Valerie Fachman

Scott Baker, Benjamin Latham, Kathleen McHatton, Donovan Rogers, Gabby Rose, Brian Smick, and Steven Westdahl.

Opening October 29, 2016
Black River Falls 

Bryn Magnus